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Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker at their workshop


Garnier & Linker Objects was founded on a conviction to personify the duo’s values through a collection of household items. Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker’s clean creations let the exceptional handcrafted material speak for itself. Their hybrid creative process is a balanced blend of design, craftsmanship and sculpture that is shaped between studio and workshop.


The meticulous selection of Garnier & Linker lighting materials and techniques is complemented by traditional Japanese handicrafts comprising Urushi lacquer, Washi paper and special-enamel Gaku ceramics. The fusion of French-Japanese influences repurposes a series of pure-shaped vases, candlesticks and containers. The collection will be developed in step with the duo’s future travels and collaborations.


The prolific pair are ushering a new chapter with Garnier & Linker Objects, following several years of creating light and furniture collections. Their ambition remains the same:

to strike the right balance and choose the perfect texture in everyday objects.

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