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For their initial collaboration of the Seen By section, Garnier & Linker turned their focus to Matthieu Lavanchy. Matthieu has a deep knowledge of their work, having photographed their furniture and lighting collections. Matthieu Lavanchy is one of the few photographers with a very personal outlook. His photographic work is produced with both intuitiveness and pinpoint precision.


When Matthieu discovered the Garnier & Linker Objects collection, he had an immediate desire to collaborate with a florist as he envisaged an interaction between vase and flower.


Naturally, a decision was made to work with Castor-Fleuriste. Renowned for his architectural vision of bouquets and knowledge of the decorative arts, Louis-Géraud Castor enjoyed a 15-year career as an art dealer and specializes in Art Deco, a period cherished by Garnier & Linker. Through their interplay on volume, color and arrangement, the bouquets slot seamlessly into the vases.


The final product is entirely contemporary, leaving no trace of nostalgia.



Matthieu Lavanchy


Matthieu Lavanchy's work has a distinct sensibility; the process is as much the essence of the image making as the finished shot. Swiss-born Lavanchy studied at the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) before being awarded a one-year artistic residency, PhotoGlobal, at the School of Visual Arts, New York. He is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, among which the prestigious Grand Prix du Jury of the Festival of Hyères, and has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the US.

His career has been a fluid evolution of artistic creation, collaboration and commissions. His captivating still life and intimate interior set ups are elegant, graphic, intriguing and quirky; the arrangements of the objects and set designs are highly thoughtful with layers that are both graphically precise, laboriously constructed yet somehow retain a feeling of spontaneity. Lavanchy's image making is as much about what is in frame as it is about what is not; compositions of true beauty.

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